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How to Prepare

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A Healthy Spine

Makes a Healthy Me!

Addressing the Health Needs of Your Growing Children Through Natural Chiropractic Care
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Enjoy a Pain Free

Active Lifestyle

Chiropractic Care Helps control
Chronic Pain Caused by
degenerative joint disease.
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For Athletes

Perform at Your Full Potential
and Achieve Your Goals.
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Chiropractic Care

is a Family Affair

Chiropractic care ensures wellness
and promotes health for all ages


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Welcome to Rockland Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre

Choose Chiropractic for a Proactive & Healthy Lifestyle

Our Mission

To educate our community on the power of chiropractic, while leading families to a naturally healthy and proactive lifestyle

Our Vision

To set our patients on a path that will help them and there family achieve a level of health that is far superior to that which they are currently experiencing. We believe that guiding our patients to take an active part in there well-being is the cornerstone to a long healthy life.

Our Values

We take great pride in helping patients and families in the community reach there health goals naturally.  We are dedicated to excellence in the work we do.